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2013: private exhibition, Zurich (CH)

2016: Henslerstüble, Schnifis/Dünserberg (AT)

2017: Studio Drehpunkt, Bregenz (AT)



Born in Austria in 1960 * Childhood and basic education in the Provinces of Carinthia and Vorarlberg with family ties in Salzburg and Styria * After graduation from Austrian grammar school (Gymnasium) AFS exchange year in the USA * Studies of English and history at the University of Innsbruck and University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA) * For more than 30 years active as an educator, historian and dedicated photographer.


First 35mm camera at the age of 14. Ever since passionately taken to the art of photography. Mostly self-taught, particularly fascinated by people in the context of their lives and graphically abstract motives (influenced by Monet, Mondrian and Malewitsch).


The works of Harry Callahan and Saul Leiter have long been of great appeal to me. In the past 15 or so years I learned most from Paul, artist, photographer and critical friend in Zurich. Thank’s Paul!

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